February 16, 2011

Volvo got their art on

Inside this epic Zurich train station building for the last few days was an art orgy for a select number of street artists. C-Line, Blackyard, DAIM, Nevercrew, Pius Portmann, Suki Bamboo, Yummy Industries, Lowrider, Donovan & Onur and Wes21 each had a half a day to stamp their mark. Each day as commuters and tourists walked by the car was painted and repainted. Props to Volvo for setting up the exhibition. Below are a few examples thus far.

Ripped from here.

January 24, 2011

freaks still get rides

Some creepy Nordic ad. I happened to enjoy it.

January 20, 2011

stealin bricks! more lego love

New LEGO short film is nothing short of fascinating.

why 2011 will be pretty schweet

This technology looks awesome. Great story plot, great acting, great graphics...I would imagine the gameplay is great too! Can't wait to play!

Here is the trailer:


January 19, 2011

art vs advertising by banksy


shut your mouth mom...oh wait

EA's new campaign for Dead Space 2 is quite the viral hit. The ad, released 4 days, is going viral mainly because they use real mom's whiny conservative views. I am sure the moms knew they would be recorded and possibly used for marketing purposes, but most likely not in this way. Ironically their disgusted and appalled testimonials are being used to sell the shit out of Dead Space 2. Funny ploy...watch in the next week when major media makes a frenzy out of it. God i hate this industry. :)

straight bad ass

Interesting sociological look into sub culture of Straight Edge X. They are actually forming gangs and becoming violent...fighting against others.

January 15, 2011



December 30, 2010

is this what i think it is?

It is.

more info here --> puregraffiti

December 29, 2010

street art vs. graffiti

via GOOD

December 28, 2010

a geek romance

I came across this beauty in The Best of Make for 2010. Great use of homemade electronics = better than the original. well done dorks.

December 21, 2010

full balls to the future

This is an old one, but an awesome one. Was looking at Creativity's Top 5 earlier today and remembered how great this 3:00 spot is.
Enjoy the film.