May 13, 2009

you're one awesome bastard

Man, its been a while since i laid a post...that is truly a sign of working too hard and too much. its not easy keeping up a blog...luckily sites like make it easy for me to find cool shit to write about.

A new store in Milan just opened may be one of the dopest i have ever seen. oh yea. named the Bastard Store, it is a store, department and skate park all put together. i would say it wouldn't be a bad job if you had a bowl hanging over you. i think i might be able to push out a few more decks on emerging media if i could take skate breaks. i will have to bring this up to the folks over at could even improve my timely blog writing...maybe i would even use proper grammar and punctuation too (who knows what could happen with a skatebowl above me).

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