November 10, 2008

Understanding True Value - Engagement

I have been doing a lot of reading on engagement and developing engagement measurements. I just finished a white paper on virtual worlds where the main strategy for brands is engagement. I think the word engagement was used over 1,000 times (not really...). I recently read an article on a blog about a study released by Networked Insights on social engagement of broadcast TV.

As you can see on the left is Nielsen's top 10 and on the right is Networked Insights top 10 of social engagements. The lists are dramatically different. This has brought on many questions and thoughts. For instance, should we be meeting with our TV buyers on plans? What are some creative ways to activate these engaged users on-air to really activate conversation online? Maybe a cool brand integration into the show that will spark conversation automatically. Next is should content providers be tapping into these segments for their advertisers on board? I am on a search for brands who leverage such insights into over communication planning strategy....
keep you posted if anything super developments....

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