March 25, 2009

our creativity does more than sell products?

when i think about what i do ::: i don't care about how much money i make ::: i care if iwas able to create some worthwhile.

i (we) work in a powerful industry of bringing change and creating utility and providing social enrichment. i don't want to get all heady and emotional on this piece, but we (advertising professionals) can bestow beautiful impactful and beneficial experiences for wall st. neighbors can't really say that.

beyond the large corporations we do great work for is a satisfaction that is awesome.

seeing the work done by agency 141 Sercon for Aseema Charitable Trust struck me pretty hard. Aseema is an organization that helps provide education to Mumbai children who live in the street and extremely underprivileged. Their mission statement is "To provide underprivileged children with a nurturing and stimulating educational environment that helps them recognize their limitless potential." In Indian culture if you are really poor it is unlikely you will have an opportunity for education. Aseema mostly focuses on children who have no chance of formal education. Please check out their philosophy and approach which explains much more.

So tasked as an agency how do illustrate this campaign messaging, philosophy, and approach? Aseema and agency brought education to the children's stomping grounds which also happened to be the perfect venue for a highly visible promotion of the organization's message to the general public.

The manhole as an ancient instrument of mathematical calculation is simply brilliant//

ARTiFACT will be donating $500.00 (remember i don't make any money, i work in advertising) to the Aseema Charitable Trust.