April 5, 2009

kicking apps and taking names

So word on the street is building apps for the various phones can be some tough, possibly complicated, time consuming and costly stuff. Building an iPhone app is great, but there is also the Blackberry and the Android. There's also the cost of building additional apps for the other devices. Then there's the argument of is it really worth the extra money for the smaller adoption and penetration?
Relax...simmer down now! There's this new company that has emerged, looking like a true hero, called PhoneGap. They have created an open source tool for HTML and JavaScript developers to create platform agnostic applications on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. So in other words if your team is microscopic (don't have experts on Objective-C) or your funds are miniature (most clients right now) the doors of kicking ass still await you.
Golf clap for keeping it open web and open standards. Speaking of which they are already have a community flourishing...

For us advertisers & marketeers testing out this app hype (oh, BTW Blackberry launched their app store) we can develop our iPhone app while building out a Blackberry and Android app at the same cost. The most effective test would be a multi platform launch/approach wouldn't you say? I can see the client, he looks glorious.

Well done Nitobi people...you get two thumbs up from ARTiFACT.

you stay classy world wide web.

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