April 4, 2009

touch it all over

Multi-touch tables and technology have been a hot item since Jeff Han's demo at the TED Conference, which is now being used (forcefully and unnecessarily at times) on CNN. Promethean created their interactive whiteboards. The very impressive mt multi-touch and multi-user table built for museums is pretty top notch as well.

The latest multi-touch table that has me geeking out is the Reactable table I saw on Engadget this morning. This table's cool factor is primo as it allows users to experiment with sound in real time via tangible pucks. Users can turn and move them to combine, manipulate, and compose various tones, synthesizers, effects and sample loops. I think the coolest part is that you can collaborate with other people and bring real time sessions to a new level.

Think about controlling one element and having a friend on the opposite side composing another element and then switching sides and working on each other's pieces. Or imagine your favorite DJs coming together to perform a live show on the table. Reactable could produce some creative works.


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